Chin social groups hold meeting on peace process initiative


Chin social groups on the Indo-Burma border held a meeting to discuss the peace process initiative in Burma for the upcoming ethnic nationalities conference in September.

Ten members from social activist groups, Chin Human Rights Organization, women’s group and the Chin media attended the meeting.

“We discussed the peace process following the setting up of a Working Group for Ethnic Coordination for the peace process,” said Dr. Sui Khar, acting joint secretary of the committee for the ethnic conference.

Four representatives of Chin social groups and three members of the Chin National Front will be sent to the ethnic conference.

The ethnic conference will be organized by Burmese opposition armed groups, who have signed agreements with the Burmese central government. An opposition group will be set up at the conference to monitor Burma’s future peace process.

“I warmly welcome ethnic armed groups to create a mandate to participate in civil societies in the Burmese peace process,” said a Chin woman participant. Khonumthung news


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