Chin Relief Society Aims to Expand Throughout India’s Mizoram State


By Moe Kyaw – The Chin Relief Society hopes to open branch offices in all of Mizoram State’s eight districts next year, the organization’s chairperson said last week.

Pu K. Thangkhuma, the head of the group, said in a general meeting in Aizawl town on November 10 that this expansion would take place in order to help ethnic Chin people arriving across the Indian border in Mizoram. It would also counter actions by government and non-governmental groups which might be harmful to the community, he explained.

“We will begin our implementation of the plan in early 2019. Our organization doesn’t have enough funds—that’s why we cannot implement it very fast,” Pu K. Thangkhuma said.

Mizoram’s Chin Relief Society currently has almost 400 members. Each member must contribute an annual membership fee of 100 rupees (US$1.40) to assist with organizational costs.

The organization was founded in October 2017, with the aim of assisting Chin people in Mizoram State with social and religious matters.


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