Chin refugee stabbed to death in Malaysia


A Chin refugee was stabbed to death by Thin Lin from Hmawbi Township, Rangoon division, Burma in Cameroon highland of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at around 5 pm local standard time on November 16.

The dead was identified as Ki Lawha, son of Thin Khaw Lin and Mrs. Lin Khaw Nam from Mindat Township, Chin state, Burma. He was recognized as a refugee in Malaysia by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

“Ki Lawha was stabbed in the abdomen and admitted to the local hospital but he died at around 1 pm on November 17. We do not know why the incident occurred,” said Mr. Lal Siam Mawi, President of Chin Disciplinary Affairs Committee.

Thin Lin was arrested by Mr. Billy Tong Bung, Mr. Thang Lian and Mr. Pathang from the Chin community and handed over to the local police station.

It is learnt that Thin Lin and Ki Lawha stayed together in the work place and they had been quarreling frequently.

Malaysia UNHCR also intervened, said A Chin refugee from Malaysia. Khonumthung news


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