Chin political parties plan to work together in 2015 elections


Chin political parties have chalked out a plan to work together for the 2015 election, which will be held on 8 November 2015.


The working plan of the political parties’ was drafted by Salai Isaac Khin, director of Gender and Development Initiative – Myanmar and secretaries from each Chin political parties.


Salai Isaac Khin said, “We chalked out how to work together in the election and how to avoid fighting each other’s candidates in the same constituency. The draft had been already sent to all parties.”


Currently there are 11 Chin political parties – Chin Development Party, Chin Democratic League, Chin National Democratic Party, Ethnic Development Party, Khumi National Party, Mui National Party, Mui National Development Party and Asho Chin National Party, Zomi Democracy League, Kami National Unity Party and Zo National Region Development Party.


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