Chin people reject “State Day” celebration against “Chin National Day”


The people of Chin state have been complaining about the 64th Chin National Day anniversary being celebrated by the local government as “State Day” in seven towns of Chin state including Hakha, the capital of Chin state. 

The Hakha local people feel it is wrong to celebrate “State Day” instead of the Chin National Day (CND) although the Chin state Hluttaw and state government was formed separately by the Central Government, said Mr. Van Lian, Chairman of Chin state National League of Democracy (NLD).

“The local people have been working on how to celebrate CND in the state after the emergence of the Chin state government, but now, the state government is celebrating it as “State Day”. So the people are critical, ” said Van Lian.

The government strung a banner announcing the “64th anniversary of Chin State Day on a stage, but the local people changed it to the “64thanniversary of Chin National Day” on the cultural show stage signboard.

“The Chin National Day history and background and that of Chin State Day are different. The Burmese government specified in its 1974 constitution a Chin special division for Chin state as January 3. We should celebrate January 3 if we want to celebrate it as “Chin State Day,” said Van Lian.

The “Chin National Day” was coined in Falam Town on 20 February 1948 at the first 5000 Chin politicians assembly to establish democracy in the state.

Mindat Township local people and Mr. Lal Maung Cung, state Hluttaw representative requested the Centre and state government to celebrate “Chin National Day” in the state recently as the central government permitted celebration of “Mon National Day”. But the government rejected celebration of “Chin National Day”.

The Chin National Party’s 64th Chin National Day statement says that the party has rejected and condemned the wrong celebration of the national day and the party will struggle to celebrate the original national day.

The 64th anniversary of Chin National Day was celebrated by the Chin people outside and inside Burma yesterday. Khonumthung news


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