Chin people demand action on cross demolition issue


The issue of the demolition of a Christian cross will be submitted again to the authorities with around 30,000 signatures of local people, if the government does not take action against the culprits. The cross was destroyed by Cin Dawi villagers on 28 July 2011 near Mung Chaung Bridge, Kanpetlet Township, Chin state.

The letter of complaint was submitted earlier urging the government to take action regarding the demolition of the cross with thousands of signatures of local people, but the authorities are yet to take any action.

“I have confirmed that the cross was destroyed on the orders of a Minister of Chin state, that is why the authorities cannot take action,” said a local.

A complaint was also filed in Chin state assembly comprising 18 assembly representatives of the state in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Burma on 9 November.

The new government of Burma’s constitution in article (364) says that the abuse of religion for political reasons is forbidden. Moreover, any act which is intended or is likely to promote feelings of hatred, enmity or discord between racial or religious communities or sects is contrary to this Constitution. A law may be promulgated to punish such activity.

The complaint was signed by Mr. Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of Chin state, Mr. Zozam, President of Chin National Party, Mr. No Sum, Mr. Lal Maung Cung, Mr. Chan Pum, Mr. Ram Mang, Mr. Ki Thang Lyn, Mr. Kui Thang, Mr. Na Thang, Mr. Nan Saih, Mr. Kyaw Ngein, Energy, Mining and Forestry, Mr. Ohn Lyn, Mr. Hau Khin Kham, Mr. Cin Lian Pau, Mr. Nan Za Mung, Mr. Van Cin and Mr. Ning Naing.

The cross was destroyed by some Cin Dwei villagers of Kanpetlet Township on July 28, 2011 and a woman’s sex organ was painted on the destroyed cross. Local Christians had built it two years ago.

Most Kanpetlet people are Christians, Buddhists and of other religious denominations. Khonumthung news


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