Chin party conducts rural development training in Chin state


A training on “Rural development eye opening” was conducted by Chin National Party (CNP) in Chin state, Burma last month.

The training was held in Mindat town, southern Chin state between 24 to 25 November 2011, the party programme continued from 28 to 29 November in Teddim town. The third training was conducted in Falam town, northern Chin state on December 1 and 2.

“The focus was on rural areas to make people aware,” said Salai Thiang Uk Thang, General Secetary (1) of CNP.

Mr. Zo Zam, President of CNP, Salai Ceu Bik Thawng, General Secretary of CNP, Salai Thiang Uk Thang, General Secretary (1), Salai Tin Roger and Salai Myo Chit conducted the training.

“We are satisfied and garnered knowledge from the training, but it was of a very short duration,” a trainee from Teddim town.

“The training made us aware of how to struggle for freedom from oppression by the authorities,” said a trainee from Mindat town.

This kind of training was conducted for the first time legally in Chin state and the local people had the opportunity to be aware of political and human rights issues in the state since the 1990 Burmese general elections.

The CNP representative could not participate when Mrs. Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state met ethnic political parties in Rangoon, former capital of Burma on Friday last week because the CNP party’s leaders were conducting the training in Chin state.

“We got a formal invitation, but we could not manage our schedule to meet Hillary Clinton, because we had a programme in the state” said a member of CNP.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton met Mr. No Than Kap, President of Chin Progressive Party; RNDP Secretary Oo Hla Saw; Sao Yun Paing of the SNDP; Nai Khin Maung of the All Mon Region Democracy Party; Dr. Sai Montha of the Kayin People’s Party; and Sai Saw Aung of the SNLD. Khonumthung news


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