“Chin Nationalism” should be first priority: Chairman of CNF


Pu Zin Cung, Chairman of Chin National Front (CNF) said that Chin Nationalism should be first priority to bring out common interest for Chin people, rather than party politics, organization politics and personal view points at Chin National Level Dialogue in Thantlang town, Chin state on 27th February 2017.

“The purpose of holding Chin National Dialogue is that to bring out common interest for the Chin people in order to establish the union by democracy, national equality, self-determination and federal system. At the same time, this meeting will bring out more understanding and unity among Chin National Front (CNF), legal political parties, Chin civil societies and Chin people. For that reason, we must be first priority to Chin Nationalism,” he added at his opening address.

The Chin National Dialogue will be held from 27th Feb. to 1st March 2017 at Baptist Church hall in Thantlang town in Chin state.

There are Chin National Front, Asho Chin National Party, Chin League of Democracy, Chin National Democratic Party, Chin Progressive Party, Ethnic Group Development Party, Khumi National Party, National League of Democracy, National Unity Party, Union Solidarity and Development Party, Zo National Development Party and representatives of Chin community groups, more than 400 are attended at the meeting.

The meeting will discuss the issues of politics, business, social, land and environment, except the issue of security. The common interest for Chin people from this meeting will be submitted to the upcoming 21st century Pinlong Conference for the second time.



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