CNACC deny on 53 tribes of Chin record


Chin National Action Committee on Census (CNACC) has denied on the record of 53 tribes of Chin out of 135 ethnic tribes at 2014 national census, on 14 December.


The statement of Chin National Action Committee on Census highlighted that under military government, the number of Chin tribe had written as 53 tribes, which also recorded at population census 2014, and then it had given 401 to 453 code numbers. We had afraid to have misunderstanding between the different tribes of Chin.


Then, the record had been classified and broadly studied by Chin scholars and some leaders early this year. The result came out that there are not 53 number of Chin tribes in Myanmar and the record had included four sub-tribes of Naga, one sub-tribe of Manipur and Nepali and other two sub-tribes, which cannot identify till date.

The statement continued that 4 out of 53 tribes have been mentioned in the record at least twice each (8 times). Besides, other four tribes were taken from the name of locations, towns. Then, the committee members had identify only 36 out of 53 Chin tribes, which includes Tribe, Clan and Family names. However, it doesn’t show there are only 36 tribe of Chin in Myanmar.


Myanmar population census list will be published in early January 2016 by Central Census Commission. Meantime, Chin National Action Committee on Census (CNACC) will continue research and discussion about the record not only in Chin state, but also in outside in order to avoid misunderstanding between Chin people.


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