Chin National Party helps flood victims


The flood affected villagers of six villages in Chin state, Burma were given 43 bags of rice and salt by the Chin National Party (CNP) on 19 September.

The villagers of six villages of Teddim Township were given 43 bags of rice and 43 salt bags by the Township CNP members, said Mr. Ceu Bik Thawng of CNP General Secretary.

Mr. Thawng told Khonumthung that the party headquarters collected donations from leaders of its party and sent the money to the Township party members. The township party members bought rice and donated it to the flood affected villagers.

“The party did not have sufficient funds for donation, but we did the best we could. The new government and humanitarian assistance groups should consider providing assistance to the people of flood affected areas,” said Mr. Thawng.

Than Nuai villagers were given dozen bags of rice and salt in the first week of September by the CNP, which won 9 seats in the 2010 Burmese general election from Chin state.

Over a dozen bridges and 20 houses were destroyed by floods following heavy rain for days in Teddim Township in August 2011. The new Burmese government is still ignoring providing assistance to Chin state. Khonumthung news

Rice and salt bags donated villages are as follows:

1.    Thang Nuai village   12 rice bags and 12 salt bags

2.    Suangpi village        15 rice bags and 15 salt bags

3.    Dimpi village            3 rice bags and 3 salt bags

4.    Phunnom village      6 rice bags and 6 salt bags

5.    Lai Bung village       5 rice bags and 5 salt bags

6.    Lailo village             2 rice bags and 2 salt bags


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