Chin National Day T-shirt distributed in Chin state


Chin National Day T-shirts with the photograph of the Pu Vumtu Maung, who had organized the Chin National Day, is being distributed by local people in Mindat Town of Chin state Burma.

“I feel that Pu Vumtu Maung, a Chin leader is still around,” said Pu Lekhui Shing from Mindat.

Around 1000 T-shirts were produced by a local youth group of Mindat and the T-shirts are being distributed free from 7 February, said Pu Lekhui Shing.

Pu Vumtu Maung’s photograph and “February 20 Always” were designed with the cycle on the front of the T-shirt. And on the back is a Chin Hornbill bird with “KCHOPAKHUIHNGUUP and CHIN NATIONAL DAY” written on it.

Similarly, a pamphlet with a short history of Pu Vumtu Maung is being distributed by the Chin National Party in the state.

The National day is being celebrated recalling the contributions of the Chin national leader Pu Vumtu Maung in Falam Town of Chin state since 20 February 1948.

“The day in the Falam conference is the oldest and has established the democratic and local administrative system for Chin people” said a youth from Mindat.

Following an agreement between the Chin National Front and the central government, the Chin National day will be celebrated officially in Chin state and abroad by the Chin people this year.


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