Chin National Day Commemoration to be Held in Thantlang


The state-level commemoration of the 72nd Chin National Day will be held in Thantlang town on February 20 of next year, a government spokesperson said.

The proceedings were originally planned for Paletwa in southern Chin State, but the area has seen intensified armed conflict between the Burma Army and the Arakan Army.

“Our cabinet has decided to hold the upcoming Chin National Day in Thantlang town. The priority venue is the Thantlang football grounds. An alternative venue is the sports stadium, which is still being constructed,” the Chin State municipal minister Soe Htet told Khonumthung News.

He blamed the cancellation of the event in Paletwa on regional instability, although the national day was supposed to be acknowledged concurrently with the opening of the Paletwa Bridge.

“We expect to hold the next Chin National Day in Paletwa in 2021,” Soe Htet said.

The Chin State chief minister and other officials will travel to Thantlang on November 13 to scout out the venue for the national day commemoration before making a final approval.

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FACEBOOK: The proceedings were originally planned for Paletwa, but a government spokesperson said that the national day event could not be held there due to regional instability.

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