Chin MMA fighter will compete in One Championship


Chin MMA fighter Tial Cung Thang will fight with Cambodian fighter Rin Saroth in One Championship MMA competition at Thuwunna sport stadium in Yangon on 8 March.

Tial Cung Thang will be the first Chin MMA fighter.

“Pho Thaw, Ms. Antonia and I (Tial Cung Thang) will participate in MMA fighting competition in Thuwunna sport stadium on 8 March 2019. We will represent as Burmese national fighters. I expect we will get a good result. I hope all Burmese audiences will be proud and happy to see our victory,” Tial Cung Thang wrote this in his social media network page.

Cambodian MMA fighter Rin Saroth is an experience player. He competed 5 times and he managed to win 3 times and lost 2 times.

“I want to be a champion in MMA competition. I don’t have any competition record in MMA fighting. My preparation is really good. I have been trained with physically strong players. I have a confidence for this fighting. With God, I expect to win this competition. For me, this is the first MMA experience. I want support and claps from all Chin people around the world,” Tial Cung Thang said it in the Chinland Post’s interview.

Currenlty, Tial Cung Thang is living together with his family in Florida state in the USA. He won 2 times in wrestling competitions in the USA.

He repeatedly won in Chin traditional wrestling competitions.


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