Chin minister exhorts people not to deploy teenage girls at receptions


14 June 2011: Local people have been exhorted not to deploy teenage Chin women in government functions and reception venues by Mr. No Than Kap, the elected Chin representative from Sagaing division, upper Burma. He is also Chairman of the Chin Progressive Party (CPP).

Local people of Kalemyo, Sagaing division were told this by the minister at a public meeting in the last week of April, said a local from Kalemyo.

“The minister exhorted people not to use teenage girls in receptions of the government. He advised that they should use young men instead of women,” said a city elder.

“Government officials are known to use teenage girls at receptions. I agree with the minister. It has nothing to do with Christian religion but is a question of our dignity,” said a Christian head from Falam Township, Chin state.

Some government officials serve alcohol at the receptions, where teenage girls are present. So, the minister urged the local authorities to do away with the practice, said a city elder.

“I quoted this statement to the people at a thanksgiving in the meeting hall, which was attended by Chin college women students. I don’t like the behaviour of some ministers and government officials with Chin teenage girls. I feel unhappy and worried about it, so I urged our people not to indulge in this practice,” said Mr. No Than Kap in an email to Khonumthung.

Radio Free Asia, Burmese programme reported in the last week of May that Mr. No Than Kap was elected Chin Affairs Minister of Sagaing division, but he is still jobless among some of the Burmese ministers.

He is also not allowed to attend state and division ministerial meetings and he was not getting travel expenses from the new government. He is spending his own money. – Khonumthung News


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