Chin Media Network will hold annual meeting in Tidim


The fifth annual meeting of Chin Media Network will be held in Tidim town from 20-22 January, said a member of the network.

“This meeting will very different from previous meetings. New members will be confirmed and some projects will be started, so it is very important for all of us,” said Salai Hung Thun, director.

He continues that new members will be confirmed as the criteria and they should be registered and independent groups, and should have regular news product.

The meeting will deal with setting up sub-office, re-election of leaders for network empowerment, conducting training for organization management.

Chin Media Network is supported by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for Chin media groups’ sustainability and empowerment. The main office is located in Hakha, capital of Chin state.

In 2012, Chin journalists had established Chin Journalists Network in Thantlang town, then they had meeting in Falam, Hakha and Mindat towns; after that 30 media groups had changed from Chin Journalists Network to Chin Media Network.


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