Chin Journalists will visit to Mizoram


Chin journalists will have a tour to Mizoram northeast state of India in the second week of May 2016 in order to study news publishing and distribution in Mizoram, under the organize of Chin Media Network (CMN).


The 13 journalists from different Chin news groups and 5 members of CMN’s board of directors will study print and broadcasting media in Mizoram which has already decided at 5th annual conference of Chin Media Network in 2016.


“Mizoram is one the most developed states in print media and broadcasting media. They are more senior than our Chin journalists, so that we will learn from their experiences, and that’s the main purpose of our tour,” said CL Thanga, director of Capacity Building.


During the tour, Chin journalists will meet with Mizoram Journalist Association (MJA) and other successful print and broadcasting medias in Aizawl, capital of Mizoram.


“It will be very helpful to learn from media landscape in Mizoram as we are same tribe and same geographical landmark too. We’ll study how they had started and struggle in media world, how they had overcome the challenges, and how they are working with state government till today,” said Salai Robert, editor of Khonumthung News.


The tour will be organized by a representative of Khonumthung news group and sponsored by UNDP.


There are 13 member groups in Chin Media Network. Those group are Khonumthung News Group, Chin World, Hakha Post, Chinland Post, Chinland Herald, Matupi Times, Tedim Post, Zolengte, Chin Voice, Chin Thuthang, Chin Times, Zomi Times, and Tahan Times.


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