Chin Gov’t Approves Five Chinese Hydropower Projects


The government of Chin State has agreed to allow the Beijing-based PowerChina International Group, Ltd., to begin work on five middle-class hydropower dams in four townships.

According to Soe Htet, the minister for municipal affairs, electricity and industry, the company will spend a year surveying the sites of the five projects before signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government to start construction.

“According to the agreement, they will take one year to conduct a ground survey. After that, if the results show that the dams are viable, we will sign an MoU with them. The ground survey is still in progress,” Soe Htet told Khonumthung News. 

The five sites are at Buanluan and Timit in Hakhar Township, Ngahpaipi in Thangtlang Township, Pae Tin Wa in Paletwa Township, and Ruava in Matupi Township.

Each dam is projected to generate 30MW of power. 

Van Thawng, a Chin State MP, told Khonumthung News he thought the state would benefit from the projects if they are carried out systematically.

“It’s good. I can see no reason to oppose this plan. I think it will be good for regional development. Because of our geographical position, it is much better to build smaller hydropower dams. In my opinion, as long as these projects are implemented systematically, our region will benefit and develop,” he said. According to Soe Htet, the Chin State government has also signed similar agreements with a Norwegian company to build three middle-class hydropower projects in the state. The implementation of these projects will also be contingent on the findings of surveys to be conducted over a period of one year, he said.


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