Chin companies fail to construct ministers’ houses


The selection board committee of Chin state ministers housing construction rejected all Chin construction companies after opening tenders on 5 June. The construction tenders had been submitted by 13 companies to construct 15 houses of Chin state ministers. Of these, Chin companies – Mercy Par, Rung and Alpha & Omega were rejected and Power Seven, Aroma Rose, Shwe Tapyayi and Champion companies were selected.


“Chin companies have the same quality and experiences of Burmese and Indian companies. I don’t know why they dropped them all. In fact, they had violated the rule as local or regional companies have to be given priority, which is the rule of selection,” said a person related to a Chin Company’s owner.


Meanwhile, one of the Chin company owners told Khonumthung that the selection board will give priority to their close friends, not Chin companies as a minister has already revealed to give the projects to other companies they are acquainted with.


The project tenders were given to Power Seven Company to construct four  buildings, to Aroma Rose to construct three buildings, Shwe Tapyay compay to construct two buildings and Champion company to construct six buildings.


The total estimated budget for 15 houses of Ministers are Kyat 5000 lakhs for one building, Kyat 7000 lakhs for the state Parliament Chairman and second Chairman’s building, and these will have to be complete by March 2015.


The houses for ministers are to be located between Hakha town and Hniar Lawn village, and will on 20 acres of land.


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