Chin Civil Society Network (CCSN) visits to Mizoram state


The eighteen representatives of Chin Civil Society Network (CCSN) had visited to Mizoram northeast state of India on 14 November in order to study the functions of Mizoram state government and its education, economic and social life.

The representatives said that the main purpose of visiting to Mizoram state are to study the government’s administration, education policies, the development of rural and urban, as well as to study the administration of village level and its development as the origin of Mizo people are same with Chin tribe in Myanmar.

Governor Lt. Gen. Nirbhay Sharma said, “As there is peace in Indo-Myanmar border areas, the citizens of both countries can pass border gate freely and it would be the benefits of the two countries,” on the meeting with CCSN at his office on 16 November 2016.

CCSN met Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla, Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA), Mizo women organization (MHIP), Student union (MZU) and ZoRo.

The visiting tour had been organized by Young Mizo Association (YMA) in Mizoram side and the group has been led by Jacob Thang.


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