Chin Ceasefire Monitoring Team office opens for Thantlang township




During the peace process between the Government of Myanmar and the Chin National Front (CNF) in Chin state, a Chin Ceasefire Monitoring Team (CCMT) office was opened for Thantlang township on 14 June. In the opening ceremony, Rev. Dr. Lal Uk, president of CCMT, Rev. Tluang Ceu, Secretary, Pu HC. RalHnin, in-charge of Thantlang Liaison office (CNF), Pu ThangYen, in-charge of Maupti Liaison office (CNF), Township police superintendent, department officials and locals attended, in Luang Tial block in Thantlang town.


A spokesperson of CNF told Khonumthung that all participants agreed to organize ‘Ceasefire Monitoring Team’ in each township in order to
monitor the ceasefire between the government and the Chin National Front. The team will be formed by nine persons from local parents, students,
youths, women, and religious leaders for 9 townships. That means 45 persons have to be involved in the team.
CCMT for Thantlang township is being led by Pu Lawm Bik and members are Dr. Hmuh Thang, Pu Siang Zel, Pu Thla Hmung and Pu Van Bawi Thang.
Although, Township affairs Chin Ceasefire Monitoring Team has been formed for Matupi, Tidim and Hakha townships, offices are not yet open
in these townships.


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