Chin arrested for motorcycle theft in Mizoram


A Chin national suspected of stealing a motorcycle was arrested in Ngur village in Champhai district, Mizoram, northeast India by village authorities on 27 October.

The thief was identified as Mr. Thang Khan Kim (32), son of Mr. Nang Khan Pai from Suang Zang Village of Teddim Township, Chin state. He was arrested on information by Champhai police station by village authorities the same day.

Mr. Thang Khan Kim, who was working in a charcoal production unit was reported against to the village authorities after being tipped off by local people. He was arrested.

Officers at the local police station have found out that three Suan Zang villagers of Teddim Township and one Pindawta villager of Kalemyo, Sagaing division were involved in stealing the motorcycle.

The culprits confessed to the local police after interrogation that they sold it to Mr. Eng Thang and Mr. Nang Suan Mang, village head of Ngal Bual village of Teddim township, Chin state.

Most Burmese, especially Chin nationals are involved in illegal motorcycle imports to Burma at high prices despite strict monitoring by Mizoram authorities of the Indo- Burma border areas. – Khonumthung News.



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