Chin advocacy group formed in Rangoon


A Chin advocacy group (CAG) for monitoring religion was formed by a Chin youth group in Rangoon, the former capital of Burma on 12 May 2012.

The group was formed with the aim to expose racial and religion persecution and discrimination among Chin people by the government of Burma.

“We will especially monitor cases of religious persecution in Chin state,” said Salai Am Cung, a co-coordinator of CAG.

The CAG pointed out that religious persecution has been happening where Christian Crosses were destroyed in Kanpetlet Township, Southern Chin state on July 2010, Rung Mountain near Hakha, the capital of Chin state and Maul Bem village of Teddim Township.

Around 5000 Than Tlang local people of Chin state were being asked to sign a memorandum to submit to the central Burmese government on the cross destruction issue.

The members of the CAG authorities are:

1.    Salai Am Cung, Coordinator

2.    Ai Cin Pau, Assistance Coordinator – 1

3.    U Lin Htun, Assistance Coordinator – 2

4.    Salai Myo Chit, Member

5.    Salai Bawi Lian, Member

6.    U Than Law Kui, Member

7.    U Aih law Myah, Member

8.    Mai Chawk Hlei Par, Member

9.    Salai Ceu Bik Thawng, Trustee


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