Centre provides over 1.5 million lakh Kyats for Chin state development


7 December 2011: In a surprise move, over one and-a-half billion lakh Kyats were provided to Chin state for development and to bring down poverty in the state by Mr. Win Tun, Union Minister for Forests this month.

The minister has provided 440 lakh Kyats in the education, electricity and health sectors in Falam Township after a meeting with local people in Tawngzalatt public hall on December 3, said Mr. Nah Thang, a Hluttaw representative of CPP.

The minister provided 20 lakh Kyats for Hmuntha and Khuava middle school in Falam town, 100 lakh Kyats for Bualkhua and Khuabual middle school, 20 lakh Kyats each for Zatual and Mangkheng village hydro electric power supply for Falam township and 100 lakh Kyats for Falam town civil hospital, said Mr Nah Thang.

At the same time, the minister promised the local people that he will have the Falam- Lailun- Khuangli Road and Tlangzarh to Leilet village motor road constructed. But the minister did not mention the time frame.

He visited his father’s tomb in Falam town. His father died when he was serving as a civil engineer of Falam Township since 1970.

Similarly, the minister visited Than Tlang town and provided 716 lakh Kyats, but the heads for expenditure have not been identified. And he also promised the people to build roads in the region.

“Reducing poverty, stepping up development programmes, road communication, health, education and electricity supply are the priority areas for Chin state,” said a town elder from Than Tlang town.

It is learnt that the Union Minister’s group visited Teddim Township, Chin state and provided 100 lakh Kyats for Teddim town civil hospital, 40 lakh Kyats for Maul Zawl and Tual Zang village hydro electric project, 30 lakh Kyats for Kheng Zang village primary school and 10 lakh Kyats for Teddim town golf ground, said a youth from Falam.

The minister visited Than Tlang, Falam, Teddim, Tonzang town and Cikha sub-Township in northern Chin state and provided for the local people’s needs in the region. This is the minister’s second visit to Chin state in 2011.


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