Centre for disabled set up in Chin state


Bethzatha Disabled Development Centre was set up for disabled persons in Hakha, the capital of Chin state, Burma on 5 January.

The centre was set up with the idea of promoting the rights of disabled persons and to arrange a stable livelihood for them, said a local.

Disabled persons who are suffering health problems will be included in the programnme.

It learnt that 39 disabled person’s list was drawn up by the Bethzatha Disabled Development Centre (BDDC), in the capital and the work process is being started.

BDDC executive committee is as follows:

1. Joseph Biak Cin Sang, Chairman
2. Van Thla Cer Hniang, Secretary
3. Dawt Thluai Chin, Treasurer
4. Dawt Tha Hlei, Finance
5. Hnem Hlei, Clerk
6. Ral Lian Kam, Auditor
7. Rebecca, Member
8. Paul Ram Cung, Member
9. Saya Biak Thleng, Member
10. Saya Biak Ceu, Member
11. Siang Hlun Sang, Member


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