CBPHWT urges reduction of medicine use in Chin state


A Chin Backpack and Health Worker Team (CBPHWT) is training its health workers at workshops. The team will spread awareness about the health care system among local people for stable health and urge reduction in the use of medicines for treatment.

The workshop programme of CBPHWT was conducted with health workers, health worker committee members, midwives and the workers of the Backpack totaling 58 members in all on the Indo-Burma border from 7 to 9 May 2012.

Diseases prevalent and prevention issues were discussed in the workshop. The workshop decided to promote public health education instead of rampant use of medicines in respective areas of Chin state.

Merlin, Care Myanmar, CBPHWT and Health and Hope Society have been working on a health system in rural areas of Chin state with different therapies and treatments for local people.

“It will help local people in future with different treatments and therapies. There is lack of education regarding health issues. Medicines may cure for the moment but we say that the people should not overtly depend on various medicines,” said Salai Dawt Mang, Director of CBPHWT.

The CBPHWT has instructed its workers to treat local people on the workshop treatment directions and create awareness about health care among local people. The CBPHWT also urged field workers and local people to understand and practice in the rural areas among local people for a stable health care programme.  Khonumthung news


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