Burmese police officers attend English speaking course in India


Twenty eight Burmese police officers from Chin state are attending an English speaking course in Mizoram state of northeast India as part of promoting good relations and mutual understanding between Burma and India.

The English speaking course started on March 26 in Champhai town, Mizoram near the No-2, Indo-Burma trade road. The participants arrived on March 24 from Chin state.

Mr. Lalthanmawia, the Superintendent of Police (SP) Champhai told Khonumthung that the training was organized by the Champhai Deputy Commissioner for a month. It is being conducted in the District Institute of Education and Training hall.

“Most Burmese officers are unable to speak English properly, so it is very difficult to communicate with them. The Burmese authorities requested us to conduct the course,” said Lalthanmawia.

Chin state and Mizoram state authorities met in Falam Town, Chin state on October 2011 to promote relations. The authorities on either side decided to conduct an English speaking course for Burmese police officers.

Chin and Mizoram government authorities appoint interpreters for Burmese to Mizo language when they hold discussions in the region. Some time, they need English interpreters, when central delegates participate in meetings, said the SP.

The training will help in cooperation between Mizoram and the Chin state government on tackling trading of illegal arms and ammunitions and drug smuggling along the No-2, Indo- Burma trade road.

“We can easily solve some problems without interpreters with the Chin state authorities. This training will help in this process, “the SP said.

“I am not aware of the details of the programme. It is being conducted by departmental authorities. Anyway, it is good for us, because the participants will be encouraged to speak in English,” said Mr. Khyaw Ngein, Forest Minister of the Chin state government. Khonumthung news


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