Burmese migrants given Hepatitis B prevention inoculation in Mizoram


On a request by the Burma Social-Welfare Association (BSA) authorities, Burmese migrants staying in Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram have been inoculated with Hepatitis B prevention medicines for the first time at the lowest possible rates by the Samaritan Society of Mizoram (SCM) on 19 November.

Hepatitis B prevention medicines were injected by the SCM authorities on a child for Rs. 80 while it was Rs.100 for an adult. The injections will be given thrice a year, said a member of BSA.

“The medicine is very difficult to get and we could not get enough to cover our community members, so, only six babies, 23 women and 14 men were inoculated” said a leader of BSA.

The BSA will continue with the inoculation drive in Zuangtui block of Aizawl, where most Burmese migrants work in handloom factories.

“Hepatitis B disease is very dangerous and it is similar to HIV/AIDS. Many people are suffering from Hepatitis B ” said Kathrine L.T Zami, a nurse in Aizawl.

The project manager of SCM said that the medicines were supplied from Kolkata and it was much in need for the Burmese community.

The SCM has been conducting HIV/AIDS awareness programmes in Burmese Churches and handloom factories in Aizawl and the group is also is conducting blood tests free among Burmese people staying in the capital.

“This medicine is very difficult for us to get us and I would like to thank SCM authorities for conducting this program,” said a Burmese woman in Aizawl. Khonumthung news


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