Burma’s 74th Confirmed Coronavirus Case Linked To Patient ‘Zero’


An individual that stayed with a man in Kalay in Sagaing Region, who was reportedly Burma’s first confirmed coronavirus case, is the country’s 74th confirmed case.

Authorities immediately quarantined the house after test results came back from the National Health Laboratory (NHL) in Yangon.“We’ve already locked down some wards and streets,” Khin Maung Cho, the general administration development officer for Kalay district, told Khonumthung News.

The man thought to be Burma’s ‘zero’ coronavirus case is from Tedim Township, located in Chin State, next to Sagaing Region.

Authorities locked down his entire village to prevent an outbreak after it was confirmed the man was infected on March 23. His entire family was quarantined for 14 days. Last week, his mother became sick from the coronavirus.

Charges were filed against the controversial Christian pastor Saw Kwe Wah and some of his followers under the Disaster Management Law for ignoring a government ban on public gatherings.

The pastor who lives in Toronto, Canada, and says he travels the world preaching the gospel, was reportedly preaching that Christians are immune from the coronavirus, according to Myanmar Mix media group.

Saw Kwe Wah, recently tested positive for coronavirus. Myo Gyi, a member of the popular Burmese rock group Iron Cross, also got sick after attending the pastor’s sermon in Yangon.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Burma has almost tripled in the last week. There were 44 infections from April 12-15. The number of confirmed infections could be much higher. Most people in the country don’t have access to testing.

The NHL is the only facility in the country with the capabilities to test for the virus but is limited by its small staff and an equipment shortage.

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