Bomb explodes in Chin state, CNA suspected


12 July 2011: A bomb exploded in the compound of the construction department office, in Than Tlang town in Chin state, Burma on 10 July around 10:30 PM local time. It is suspected that the Chin National Army was responsible.

“We heard the sound of the explosion and gun fire. The police and military authorities arrived after the blast. No one was injured,” said a local from Than Tlang.

The bullets were identified as those from AK- 47 assault rifles. So the local authorities suspect the Chin National Army (CNA) because they use AK-47 rifles.

“Our group has been patrolling the area. I cannot confirm who triggered the explosion,” a commander of Chin National Army said.

Following the explosion, 40 Burmese Army soldiers were sent from the Hakha base, the capital Chin state to Than Tlang. Security has been tightened in the town.

Local people are harassed because of the tight security the town.

Bomb blasts are occurring quite often including in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Burma and other cities, Four people were injured in a car bomb explosion in Mandalay, second capital of Burma on 24 June. Khonumthung News


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