Beaten up wife fights for life


Lalthangtluanga (19) severely beat up his wife in Letpan Chaung village of Kalemyo, Sagaing division, Burma at around 5 p.m. local standard time on March 3. She is fighting for her life.

The mother of an eight-month infant, Mapuii, is still unconscious in Kalemyo civil hospital, said a local from Letpan Chaung.

Lalthantluanga stole Kyat eight 8 lakhs belonging to his parents-in-law the same night he beat up his wife and escaped from the village.

“That night, his wife’s family members went to church. The baby began wailing. When neighbours entered the house the baby’s mother was found lying injured on the floor. The neighbours contacted the local police station and admitted the injured to Mapuii to hospital,” said a local.

The culprit is yet to be traced by the police. Local people believe that Lalthantluanga escaped to Mizoram state, in northeast India.

Lalthantluanga is from Khanpui village of Mizoram state and was married to Mapuii in Mizoram. They shifted to Letpan Chuang village to settle down near his wife’s family as of December 2011. Khonumthung news


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