BE alcohol kills two Chins in Mizoram


Two Chins staying in Mizoram, northeast India died from alcohol poisoning on 8 August. The alcohol was made in Burma.

Three Chins had BE alcohol in Zokhawmawi of Champhai district, Mizoram. After drinking Pau Khaw Lang died in the same village and his friend died in Rihkhawdar village on the Indo-Burma border.

“The survivor is suffering stomach aches now,” said an eye witness from the Indo- Burma border.

The dead are from Kalemyo, Sagaing division of Burma and their bodies were sent to Burma by Mizoram local authorities.

It learnt that BE alcohol is sold for Kyat 1500 a bottle in Burma. A plastic packet sells for Rs. 200 in Mizoram, said a local.

“BE is not had like wine. It is a spirit and we (carpenters) polish tables, chairs etc, said a carpenter from Burma.

The Mizoram police also said that BE killed some people in Mizoram following smuggling from Burma to India. – Khonumthung News


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