Baby killed 10 injured in Jeep accident in Mizoram


A month-old baby was killed in a Jeep accident and 10 other passengers were seriously injured in Saiha district of Mizoram state, northeast India around 9 am, local standard time yesterday.

“The other injured passengers included the driver. The injured were admitted in Saiha hospital. Most of the injured are still unconscious,” said a relative of the child.

Most of the passengers were identified to have belonged to Sabawngte, Sabawngpi and Mala villages of Matupi Township and Pintia Village of Paletwa Township of Chin state.

The dead baby was born recently through caesarean section in Saiha civil hospital and was returning home with her mother.

U Maung Cin and his daughter from Sabawngpi, the daughter of Pastor Hi Cai from Sabawngte and Pastor’s granddaughter, and three other passengers, a couple from Mala village and a women from Pintia totaling five men and six women passengers boarded the Jeep.

The accident occurred when the brakes of the Jeep failed near Saiha near the Indo-Burma border, said a local.

Similarly, a route bus met with an accident and eight passengers were injured around 7 am, local standard time near Saiha. All the passengers are Mizos.


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