Authorities fail to take action in arson case


About 24 acres of green gram field was burnt down and a woman received burn injuries on 26 February 2012. But so far the authorities have taken no action. The incident occurred in Mindat Township of Chin state, Burma.

The incident was reported by the local people to the Mindat Town police station on 17 February. The field was set on fire by Mr. Thang Law, of west side block, Mindat Town where jhum cultivation was on. The fire burnt Mr. Tam Thang’s fields, some houses and Mrs. Lin Awi received burn injuries.

“The fire destroyed around eight million Kyats worth of property of Mr. Tam Thang and Mrs. Lin Awi received burn injuries,” said a local.

Green gram fields owners Mr. Tam Thang, Mrs. Me Hli, Mr. Awm Khaw Ki, Mr. Awm Ki, Mr. Naing Ha, Mr. Thang Ha, Mr. Mang Tam, Mrs. Lin Awi (Dead) are now facing food shortage.

“Local religious leaders tried to mediate but to no avail, ” said a local.

Mostl local people in Mindat cultivate green gram and arrowroot.


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