Authorities allow registering plot of Hakha Cross




The Chin state government has permitted registration of the plot of Hakha Cross to Hakha Christian Ministry Fellowship (HCMF). “It cannot be taken for granted that they had given the permission to register the area of Hakha Cross, as the HCMF group will submit an application. It is only in the initial stage for submission of the form and it cannot be said for certain whether permission will come through,” said a local in Hakha.

The Chin state parliament meeting has agreed to permit official erecting by Hakha Christian Ministry Fellowship (HCMF) on 30 January 2015.

The Chin Land Post said that Chin state Minister U Kyaw Neing said that Pu J. Biak Tin Sang, who had erected the cross, had given permission of further action for the cross and its three acres of land to HCMF.

Besides, the state parliament has also agreed to accept an application to construct a pagoda near the Hakha Cross which had been applied for in 2012.

“But it is a positive outcome that the authorities cancelled the order on displacing the Hakha Cross. But we cannot say what will be happen later on,” a local said.

Chin state cabinet minister U Hung Ngai had issued the order to displace the Hakha Cross.

However, as Chin state parliament had changed the order on displacing Hakha cross, the Churches in Hakha cancelled their planned demonstration.


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