Assault on Chin woman reported to authorities


The incident of attack on Miss Ma Mang, an owner of a restaurant in Teddim town, Chin state, Burma was reported to the authorities yesterday. She was assaulted by Corporal Zin Htwe of the Burmese military security service.

Corporal Zin Htwe, based in Teddim town brutally attacked the owner of the 528 restaurant following a quarrel when the corporal wanted alcohol on credit on June 29.

The incident was reported to Vice Senior- General Min Aung Hlaing, Commander in Chief of the Burmese Army on July 6, A case was also filed in Teddim township police station yesterday, said Ms. Ma Mang.

“The local army commander told me that army personnel were not to buy any alcohol on credit from my restaurant. We could have negotiated peacefully, but I had no option but to report the assault to the army commander. I filed the case with the Township Administrator, the police and the army commander,” said Ms. Ma Mang.

Corporal Zin Htwe was transferred from central Burma to Teddim town recently to serve in the Teddim township military security service.

Pu Zozam, state Hluttaw representative and Chairman of the Chin National Party condemned the incident of assault.

“We have been watching the wayward behaviour of army personnel since our childhood. They cannot continue to be so indisiciplined. The army must be disciplined and maintain a good relationship with the people. The army should not dominate the people but defend them, ” said Pu Zozam. Khonumthung news


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