Artillery Shell Hits Civilian Home in Paletwa


An artillery shell hit a house in Paletwa town, southern Chin State on Monday, damaging the property.

Locals said that the weapon hit the Yeikkha ward home, belonging to Thawng Kein, at around 11:30 a.m. on May 25, destroying the kitchen. No one was injured.

“The shell hit the kitchen, located in the back of the house. The kitchen and other property were damaged, but nobody was injured,” a Paletwa local told Khonumthung News. “At that time, the people were sitting in front of the house. That’s why no one was injured.”

The Burma Army and Arakan Army have engaged in multiple recent clashes in Paletwa Township, and frequently launch attacks with heavy weapons. The Burma Army is currently deployed on the east side of Paletwa town, and the Arakan Army has taken a position on the hills West of Paletwa.

An artillery shell also hit housing for government staff in Paletwa last month, on April 22. It killed a 26-year-old staff member in a government bank, as well as her two children.

The Burma Army has been engaged in an intensifying offensive against the Arakan Army since late 2018 in Chin and Rakhine states.


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