Around 5000 locals apply for jobs in Chin education department


Job vacancies in the education department in Chin state, Burma has attracted 5,000 applications this month.

The Hakha Post reported that the applications are being examined in Hakha, the capital of Chin state on 9 April.

The report mentioned that the qualification for job vacancies were examined by 45 men and 145 women for middle school teacher’s vacancies, 31 men and 98 women for primary school teacher posts, 4 men and 9 women for posts in the laboratory, 16 men as general workers, 31 men and 120 women for higher clerk’s post, 59 men and 124 women for Lower clerk’s posts in the education department.

But the authorities of the Chin state education department do not mention how many posts are vacant, said a staff of Hakha’s education department.

It is learnt that the government’s move to increase salaries is circulating in the country that is why local people are interested in government jobs.

Most Chin youths have gone to neighbouring countries to eke out a livelihood due to lack of government jobs and poor salaries in the country. Some educated persons are involved in illegal motorcycle smuggling from India to Burma.

The people of Chin state has faced attacks on jhuming crops by rodents since 2006 that is why a survey says that Chin state remains the poorest state among 7 states and 7 divisions in Burma.


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