Army strength increased in Paletwa Township


The strength of the Burmese Army has been increased from this month in Paletwa Township, western Burma.

The Burmese Army authorities have posted Infantry Battalion (IB) No. 563 and IB No. 344 in Dochaungwa and Khamuahwa villages. Additionally, there will be two military battalions in the area.

“Some soldiers were moved to IB No- (55) in Mariehwa and Sinletwa army camp, but we do not know why,” said a local.

Some local people suspect that the authorities have beefed up security because of the Rohingya conflict in Arakan state.

The Khumi Media Group in its website said that a report was submitted to local authorities about seven Rohingya rebels in Pakawa and Muiletwa village of upper Paletwa Township by local people.

Two battalions of the Burmese Army are being commanded by two tactical commanders in Paletwa Township. The Paletwa Township has the maximum number of army camps in Chin state.

The Chin National Front and the Arakan Liberation Army also actively operate in Paletwa Township.

The Chin National Front (CNF) and the Burmese government are yet to agree on setting up CNF camps in Paletwa Township proposed by CNF at the union level peace talks.


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