Army extort money from bull traders again


Traders selling bull in Hakha township lost their profit from 45 bulls worth Kyat 150 lakhs while the animals were being taken from Gangaw, Magwe division to Mizoram state, India. Money was extorted by two military personnel.

A source said that two soldiers seized the bulls near Lungcawite village, Thantlang township, Indo-Burma border on 26 August and demanded Ks. 15 lakh Kyat.

“We three traders spent about a month on the way. We spent lots of money on food and labour charges. We’ll get no profit as we faced extortion by the military,” said Tialcung, one of the bull traders.

Similarly, on 15 August Police officer-in-charge Myint Taung and his team in Surkhua village, Hakha township had seized 45 bulls from Lianthin of Ukhla village, Gangaw township. They took 3 lakh Kyat and released the bulls.

“Soldiers and policemen are now very active in extorting money from civilians again. There was no such activity during the 2010 election period,” said a local in Surkhua village.

Besides, military personnel in Vuangtu village based camp also seized a bull of worth 4-5 lakh Kyat in Ngaphaipi village, Thantlang township and then they killed the bulls for meat.

“We cannot make profit from bull trading as the Rupee and Kyat exchange rate is down and Rs. 1 is equivalent to 14 Kyats only and the slaughtering houses take the bulls one a day and we have to wait for payment. They buy on credit or installment system. Khonumthung news


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