Army Colonel involved in drug smuggling


A sub-commander, Colonel Aung Kyi of the Khampat town, Tamu district, Sagaing division based LIB 89 is involved in smuggling of drugs.

Sources said he buys raw opium at Kyat 6 lakhs for 1 ½ kilograms from Tonzang township, Chin state and sells it.

“The raw opium is being resold in Shwe Taw natural oil digging areas of Mawlaih district, Sagaing division at whole sale or retail rates and are carried in military vehicles so that it is not checked,” said a trader in Khampat town.

The Colonel also buys raw opium from the Kuki areas in northwest Sagaing division.

“Sometimes raw opium amounting to 1 ½ Kgs is exchanged for a Chinese bike 125 model,” said a local in Cikha sub-township of Tonzang township.

The source said that raw opium is selling in the retail system in Tuikhing, Sial Thawng Zang villages in Tonzang Township and Dingzang village in Teddim Township.

It is estimated that more than 50,000 kilograms of opium is produced in Tonzang Township and sub-townships in Cikha sub-township, the opium producing areas in Chin state. Khonumthung news


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