Army Captain assaults village tract administrator


A Burmese Army Captain, Than Zin Kyaw assaulted a village tract administrator, without any reason in Paletwa, while villagers were celebrating Khumi’s ‘Ywa Khin’, for benefiting villagers in business and health.

The incident happened on July 20 in Kuan Chaung tract group, Paletwa in Chin state. While the villagers were observing the celebration of ‘Ywa Khin’, Captain Than Zin Kyaw and his military personnel entered the village at 7:30 pm and the Captain kicked U Kan Chi Aung Ko, administrator of village tract without speaking a word.

“Military personnel entered the village at 7:30 pm and then a Captain kicked tract administrator three times and he didn’t say anything,” said an eyewitness.

‘Ywa Khin’, a traditional festival of Khumi Chin does not allow anyone entering the village during the festival as it is construed as an ill omen for villagers. If a person enters during the festival, he has to pay all expenses of the festival.

“All villages near our village had been informed about the celebration of ‘Ywa Khin’, including military camps and we had put signs on entering the village. But they ignored the signs and ordered two villagers to watch the village every night,” said Ko Aung Kyaw in Paletwa town.

The military group came, while patrolling in the Chin state and Arakan state border area as the Arakan Librated Army (ALA) collect money in these areas.


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