Army and police officers into gambling in Chin state


Gambling by card games is popular among Burmese Army and policemen of Haimaul village, Falam Township, Chin state. Gambling is being encouraged by Thun Zaw, Officer Commanding (Sakhan Hmu) since the last week of October.

“Some departmental officers of Chin state are also involved in cards games,” said a local from Haimual village.

A woman who was hit by a motor cycle in a village road was beaten by a police officer on 3 November, said a local.

“The police officer put the motor cyclist in jail without citing any reason,” said an eyewitness.

The local people feel that local law and order situation will not be under control if government officers, local army officials and police officers are involved in gambling all the time.

Most Chin state departmental officers gamble with local businessmen, so the law and order is slack.

“Local businessmen and officers are gambling in Chin state,” said a Town elder of Than Tlang.


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