Appointed 6 Cabinet Ministers for Chin state government


The 6 Cabinet Ministers for Chin state government have been appointed by the lead of U Lian Luai, Chief Minister at Chin state parliament’s session meeting today.

The Cabinet Ministers are two persons from National Democracy party 2 persons, one person from Zomi Democracy party, another one person from military and two persons from outsider in intellectual circle.

There were 9 Cabinet Ministers in previous government led by U Hung Ngei, but now there are only 6 Cabinet Minister under NLD’s government.

The Ministers are Colonel Kyaw Kyaw (Military) for Security and Border affairs Minister, U Wi Kaw (NLD) for Project and Financial Minister, U Shwe Ceu (NLD) for Transport Minister, U Pau Lun Hming Than (ZCD) for Social welfare Minister, Salai Isac Khin for Municipal/Electricity and Industry Minister, and U Mang Hil Dar for Agriculture, Forest and Mining Minister.

Besides, the new government had appointed U Sony Za Hu/ Than Cung for state Chief Magistrate and U Lal Tin Mang/ David Lal Tin Mang for state chief statistic officer.

I’ll do my best the responsibility that given on my shoulder. But when people disappointed on my duty I’ll be ready to leave from my appointment making place for others. I’ll do for my nation honestly. At the same time I would like to invite you to help me different ways as I have many work to do,” Salai Isac Khin written on his facebook today.


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