An explosion kills 6 and injures 9 in Hakha


Hakha explosion


Reports from Hakha town, capital of Chin state, said that an explosion occurred at a house in New Market block at 10 p.m. last night and it killed 6 persons and injured 9 persons on the spot. The incident was happened at U Jonathan’s four floors house in New Market block, Hakha town. Down stair was rented by Pu Neng Cin’s family and they had a guest. The total 6 persons included a guest were dead by the explosion, said U Shwe Tiau in Hakha.


“The explosion was happened around 10:40 pm last night. The house was damaged completely, but the house owner U Jonathan’s family was not at home. The explosion damaged some window glasses at a Church, which was one hundred yards away and other houses were also damaged nearby the explosion, took placed,” he added.


The victims of the explosion were Pu Neng Cin (70), Pi Far Pen (64), Biak Cer Cin (35), Sui Hnem Thluai (20), Zing Hnem Sung (6) and Pi Thong Thluai (50) in Thantlang township. Five houses, a big car and a jeep car were also spoiled by the explosion.


Although there was no confirmation on what kind of explosive, it could be a kind of gelatin, said a local in Hakha.


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