A student died and over 300 villagers displaced for fighting between Myanmar military and Arakan Army in Paletwa township


A report said that on going fighting between Myanmar army and Arakan army (AA) in Paletwa township, southern Chin state has displaced over 300 villagers and has killed a student on 8th November 2017.

According to Chin state government’s press release, Arakan army (AA) fired a boat with Myanmar military personnel on Kaladan river, near Nun Bu village, Paletwa township on 8 November, and that resulted in a student was shot dead and three villagers were injured on the spot.

Besides, the intensified fighting between Myanmar military LIB (378) and AA on 2 November had displaced at least 309 locals from Kung Pin and near villages, and they are being sheltered to Shinletwa village (281), to Outbahlai village (8), Bedinwa village (8), Kayamyait village (9), Miza village (2) and Dochaung village (1).

Chin state government will assist Kyats one hundred thousand each to 3 injured persons and Kyats three hundred thousand to the family of dead student, and at the same time, the government is planning to give relief fund for the villagers who are being displaced from their villages, because of fighting between Mynamr military and Arakan Army.

Khonumthung news has asked Pu Isaac Khin, Chin state Minister and spokesperson, in related news about, 14 Myanmar military personnel were died on 8th November fighting with Arakan Army on the spot; he said, “Chin state government can disclose only one side, another side will be disclosed by Myanmar military.”


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