A new sub-township in Chin state


The Sami new sub-Township of Paletwa Township, southern Chin state, Myanmar was officially inaugurated by a team led by Pu Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of Chin state on 7 June.

The team of Pu Hung Ngai, including U Kyaw Ngein, Minister of Energy, Mining and forestry and others state officials were warmly welcomed at the sub-township inauguration and three mithuns were offered to the Chin state officials by the local people.

Sami sub-township area is 3127.04 square miles and Sami has got a separate township administration from the Paletwa Township.

In Chin state, nine township administrations function comprising four sub-township such as CiKha, Rih, Rizua and Sami sub- township. Now, Lailenpi village of Matupi Township is being demanded the status of a separate sub-township administration by local people.

The administration will be arranged from Paletwa for Sami sub-township during the transition period. Education, Health, Police offices and other offices will be arranged as soon as possible.

The Chin state Chief Minister provided 4 million kyats for Michaung bridge construction which is located between Paletwa and Sami sub-township during his trip. Three million kyats were also provided by the Chief Minster to local people to curb poverty in the state.


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