88 generation students group arrive in Chin state


A group of 88 generation students led by Min Ko Naing arrived in Teddim Town, northern Chin state to deliver lectures on Burma’s peace process to Chin people on 7 March.

A meeting with local people of Teddim Town in a Century hall was held by the 88 generation students, who arrived in Chin state in a 15-member team between 3:30 pm and 5 pm, local standard time on 7 March, said Ko Ning Siang Tun, chairman of a youth group.

“They arrived and held a meeting. The leaders of the 88 generation students group talked about Burma’s peace process” said Ko Ning Siang Tun.

The 88 generation student’s team was warmly welcomed by local people of Teddim Town dressed in cultural attire after unfurling a banner which said “Long live the 88 generation students.”

The 88 generation student’s group left for Rih Khua Dar, sub-township of Falam Township yesterday located on the No. 2, Indo-Burma trade road.

The team will also visit Falam and Hakha.

The 88 generation student’s group arrived on 6 March in Kalemyo of Sagaing division and headed for Chin state for the first time.

A meeting was held with local people by the team of the 88 generation students in a Chin Christian hall of Taungphila block of Kalemyo.

Ko Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Kyi, Ko Ant Bwe Kyaw, Ko Maki, Sanchaung Ko Ko Kyi, Ko Myo Tant, Ko Ko Hlaing, Ma Mimi, Ma MaMa Oo, Maya and Tada Oo were in the 88 generation student’s team.


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