Demonstration against visit of 26 Burmese officials to India


Burmese democracy activists settled in India staged a demonstration protesting against the visit of 20 Burmese ministers led by Turah Shwe Man, Parliament Chairman, to New Delhi on December 13.

The demonstration was held at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi by about 60 Burmese democracy activists demanding the release of all political prisoners and for ushering in genuine peace in Burma.

The agitators rejected the 2008 road map chalked out by the military junta for a stranglehold on power in the country, as the 2010 general election was a farce.
Regarding the 2010 elections, U Thein Aung, former commissioner at the township level for the elections said, “We cannot accept that the present Thein Sein government is legal and is the official government of Burma, because during the election opposition votes were fudged and new votes created in support of the military government.”

He added that most military personnel’s votes were cast by the divisional officers and he was involved in this for three days as part of the election machinery. Therefore, the USDP and its ministers were not really elected by the people.

Dr. Zaw Win Aung also said, “We have a right to express our opinion even though we are here as refugees. This is what democracy should be. We want freedom in our country and democracy. We are demonstrating because we would like to reveal that the last general election in Burma was rigged. The ministers were elected by unfair means, and they need to ask themselves about their reputation.”

The visiting 20 ministers and 26 officers from December 11 to 17 are being monitored about their responsibilities and duties of the Prime Minister’s department.


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