158 drug cases unearthed in four districts in 2013



In a surprising revelation the local authorities of Chin state and Sagaing division, Myanmar unearthed 158 cases of drug dealing and made seizures from smugglers in 2013.

The meeting of various local authorities of Kalemyo, Tamu, Mawlaih district of Sagaing division and Falam district of Chin state on February this year conducted raids and unearthed over hundred drug cases last year.

The report said that the authorities exposed more drug cases in Kalemyo district than other districts in the region and most drug cases dealt with heroin. At the same time the authorities revealed that 104 cases were unearthed in 2012.

A college student leader told Khonumthung News that most drugs are being transported through Mizoram State of India to Kalemyo and some college students were using drugs.

There is concern at the rising cases of drug abuse among students and Chin youths in Kalemyo and Chin state.

Most illegal goods and drugs including tablets of amphetamine from Indian medical companies are being imported illegally to Kalemyo and Tamu region through the Indo- Myanmar trade road.


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