First edition of Khonumthung’s journal printed in Myanmar


The monthly journal of Khonumthung News group was printed last month with permission from the Printing and Publishing Enterprise, Ministry of Information Department, the Union of Myanmar.

The first journal of Khonumthung News is published from Kalemyo of Sagaing division, Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar and various other townships of Chin state. One thousand copies of the journal were printed and it has 40 pages.

The journal has as its content local, national and international news. Health and technological issues have also been covered in the journal to make people aware.

The journal is being sold for 400 kyats ($ .43) and the group will increase the print order depending on the demand.

The journal will, especially be distributed in rural areas of Chin state, Myanmar.

The Chinworld Media group and Khonumthung news group have been permitted among the Chin media to publish and print by the Union of Myanmar after strict control on the press during the military government’s tenure. The Khonumthung’s journal was printed on 23 May 2013 for the first time from Kalymyo.

The Khonumthung News Group was formed by a youth group in Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram state, India on 7 March 2002. Permission to print the journal was granted on 22 March 2013 by the Union of Myanmar government.


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